Price differences in saxophones are primarily controlled by "cosmetics"-- the amount of lacquer (finish) wear, and the condition of body (dings, dents, scratches.) It is important to understand that cosmetics typically play no part in the way a saxophone plays. Since all of our instruments are completely gone over mechanically to assure excellent playing condition, the decision as to how important appearance is may be made without regard to other considerations.While every effort is made to keep the following list of available instruments current, our inventory changes daily. All instruments listed are used unless designated as new.
Student Saxophones
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Alto Sax
L A Sax
White with gold keys w/ high F# & G keys in "as new" condition!
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Soprano Sax
King 660
w/ high F# key; excellent mechanical condition; minor wear on neck & minor scratches on body
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NEW  Only 1 available (Lists at $1295.00)
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BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!  All used instruments listed have been thoroughly reconditioned and professionally play-tested in our shop prior to being offered for sale and are guaranteed to be in excellent playing condition!  All instruments come complete with case, mouthpiece, and reeds.  Check out our Unconditional Guarantee of Satisfaction
Intermediate/Pro Saxes
Alto Sax
Alto Sax
LeBlanc Vito 7133
LeBlanc Vito
Excellent-near new condition in new case
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When ordering your saxophone consider including one of our complete maintenance kits in your purchase.
 In addition to the instruments listed above we have other instruments in stock currently being prepared for sale. If you do not see what you are interested in please don't hesitate to drop us an e-mail inquiry.

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Tenor Sax
Selmer Bundy
One of the most popular student saxophones for school use. Excellent mechanical condition. Minor dents in bottom of bow
and very minor dings in neck.  Lacquer generally good.
Played by previous owner at Michigan State University.  In 
convenient light gig bag carrying case.
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Alto Sax
LeBlanc Vito
Excellent mechanical & cosmetic condition; nice case

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Alto Sax
Selmer Bundy
Lots of finish wear; so no beauty contest winner; excellent mechanical condition; great player with that original Bundy sound.
Alto Sax
Excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition.  Great value in a
student saxophone
Alto Sax
King Cleveland
Typical finish wear for an older instrument, mechanically excellent & ready to be played. Older case, but quite servicable.
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